Dirtgirlworld - We created a fun and educative game for kids where they can explore the incredible world of worms.

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dirtgirlworld (DGW) is a family friendly interactive space that has been enjoyed by millions as an award winning hit TV series globally, through participating in exciting games or download apps, and has been the face of many community recycling programs. MPF and Mememe won a grant to highlight the importance of composting to a new generation of fans.
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Let Grubby the worm be your guide

With dirtgirl by your side, get to grips with composting through this engaging 3D game. Discover what Grubby and her friends like best, why worms are so important to the recycling circle of life and why what we throw away can reward us later.

Emmy award winning entertaining education

Supported by a Mega Grant from Epic Games, we devised an entertaining and educational interactive AR game to get kids into composting. We helped them understand what's good for worms and what's not so good, the life-cycle of compost, and the various stages it goes through.

The app has two main views, a 3D view of the landscape with dirtgirl doing her chores, and a 2D view of the compost bin where Grubby and her friends were busy at work. The game rewarded players for composting the right items, increasing their worms and providing great nutrients for scrapboy to add back to the garden patch.

Players could work their veggie patch, sow their seeds when the soil was ready and harvest their produce - feeding scraps back into their worm farm. As well as 3D experience, there was a bonus educational game counting and assigning numbers to objects.





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