GELLiBN is an app that allows employers to provide feedback throughout the day to their staff.



Getting the best out of your team takes time, work and a willingness to really engage with each person individually to help them fly. Feedback, particularly timely, constructive feedback is a key part of this. Gellibn makes this easy. Through a simple to use, well designed app, SMEs managers can provide in the moment feedback: reinforcing positive behavior publically, correcting negative performance privately; and ensuring a strong culture grows and remains in a team. Additionally, via Gellibn, easy communication of tasks, company announcements or last minute changes can be shared with one or more members of the team.


Done at the point of intervention, feedback is created to help staff better meet expectations, know when they do well, and learn how to do better. Private access to manager comments - with the ability to respond in return.


Feedback is a two way street. The maxim is to praise publicly and reprimand privately. Gellibn lets managers and their team provide 360 feedback in real time.

Skills Centre

SMEs are fast moving enterprises. There isn't always the time for proper on-the-job training and development. Gellibn smooths out these wrinkles helping the team recognise what's most important


Too small for an HR specialist, but keen to have good HR processes? Gellibn ensures that regular reviews, comments captured and can track work performance over time.

A new way to HR

listen, acknowledge and grow your team

HR made even better

Gellibn is a fun, interactive and perfect solution to staff performance challenges SME business owners face day to day. It's not just about solving a problem, it’s about creating harmony, understanding and synergy in the workplace between SME business owners, managers and staff - sharing common goals relating to productivity and job satisfaction.

A simple,easy to use app for all mobile devices streamlines the process of fast, consistent communication between employees, manager and owners. Businesses get the best from staff who are engaged and informed. Skills rating tools help staff develop their skills while giving employers awareness of staff abilities. Feedback becomes a daily habit with Gellibn’s two-way system. Update and announcement features put the app at the centre of workforce communications and reduces the chance for error and miscommunication. Trusted by small to medium sized businesses globally, Gellibn is the new way to get employers and employees ""gelling"" together.






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