Standing-tall - StandingTall uses mobile technology to provide seniors an effective method to reduce their fall risk with confidence.


StandingTall is an engaging balance training program designed for older people specifically to reduce their risk of falling by improving balance, mobility and general well-being.
A progressive exercise program designed to be performed at home, the clinically validated program uses mobile technology to deliver an effective method for older people (with and without chronic disease) to reduce their fall risk and build their confidence.

With over 6,000 individual exercise animations and a rich set of supporting features, the app's algorithm provides a personalised tailored program and health intervention for each user; slowly increasing their physical activity level, building muscle strength and improving their balance to ultimately reduce their risk of a dangerous fall.
Reduce the risk of falls through a simple, tailored program that can be undertaken easily at home.
Designed specifically for, and in conjunction with, older people; StandingTall has a simple user interface, a rich set of exercises and additional cognitive challenges to make using the app both enjoyable and beneficial.

With falls remaining the leading reason for hospital admission amongst the over 65, StandingTall has proven its ability to reduce this risk and provides a compelling justification.
Proven to reduce fall rates by 16-18% and reduce the proportion of people experiencing injurious falls by 20% for up to 2 years.
Recently, McGarrigle et al independently evaluated a range of digital products for their performance in fall prevention. They concluded that StandingTall is the only evidence-based exercise eHealth program, commending its simple user interface and physical and behavioural elements designed to promote adherence.

"The first meeting with the TPF team immediately illustrated their depth of knowledge and expertise in the area of lifestyle apps. They kept our older users at the front of their minds when making decisions around service design and approach, resulting in a product that we are very proud of. They have impressed us every step of the way!"

Kim Delbaere - Principal Research Scientist / Director, Innovation & Translations at Neuroscience Research Australia.





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