From kids mobile games through to transmedia projects like Sherlock, Home and Away and Downton Abbey, we conceive of and provide apps, sites, products and services that expand consumer engagement; increasing revenue and TV audiences. For broadcasters and production companies, we work as a close partner, understanding how to work alongside television productions, storylines and business imperatives to deliver positive returns on investment.


Sony Pictures
Sky Atlantic

Sherlock: The Network

The official mobile app for the hit UK series, Sherlock. Available in English and Chinese with exclusive video and audio content, puzzles and one big mystery!

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Downton Abbey

We provide a comprehensive, content driven, multiplatform social media strategy to engage, retain and monetise a global audience of over 4m followers: 7 days a week, 365 days per year.

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Home and Away: Summer Moments

Summer Moments bridged the summer season break for the show using our Appisodic platform, bringing the characters to life in a new and engaging way.

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The Great British Property Scandal

A combination of primetime television broadcast, extensive web presence, social media engagement and, most importantly, the Empty Home Spotter mobile app galvanised the British public.

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Junior Storytellers

An iPad app that helps kids learn how to tell stories. Verified by educationalists, kids progress through seven stages to become a master storyteller, with the added ability to add emotions to the characters.

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GTST: Wie Is Tim & Spring Levend

For two years running, we produced a transmedia season bridge for this leading soap opera. Working closely with RTL and Endemol as partners, we contributed to the show rising from 1.5m viewers per night, to 2.25m.

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Jennifer Wilson

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As a recognised leader in interactive media in both Australia and the UK, Jen brings a zeal for device-independent relationships with consumers, storytelling across multiple platforms and a passion for all things mobile. With expertise across diverse sectors from entertainment to a specialisation within the well-being and health sectors, Jen speaks, mentors, writes, consults and presents addressing the balance between engaging, creative interactions and the savvy that sits behind the commercial modelling and outcomes.