Digital media has proven to be one of the strongest tools we have to affect behavioural change, improve health and wellbeing. We are immensely proud of the services we’ve developed in this space and the ways we have improved - and even saved - lives. Our most successful app, the quit smoking program My QuitBuddy, has had over 400,000 downloads in Australia alone, a success rate of 37% and has proven to be dramatically more effective (800%) than other forms of smoking cessation treatment.


Australian Government

My Quitbuddy

A multi award-winning behavioural change app designed to help people on their journey to become smoke-free. Downloaded over 400,000 times, it has a 37% effectiveness rate and is more effective than any other method of quitting smoking.

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Colgate Brushing Adventure

Making kids brush their teeth properly is made easy with this 3D smartphone and tablet educational game.

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This Way Up

A gamified mobile reimagining of the leading online depression treatment course.

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Happiness Central

Happiness Central is one-stop global destination for people searching for happiness in all areas of their lives.

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Impromy Weight Loss Program

Design and development of a smartphone app and website to support the Impromy weight loss program.

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Design and development of digital tools to support eheadspace’s online and telephone support service for young people.

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Jennifer Wilson
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As a recognised leader in interactive media in both Australia and the UK, Jen brings a zeal for device-independent relationships with consumers, storytelling across multiple platforms and a passion for all things mobile. With expertise across diverse sectors from entertainment to a specialisation within the well-being and health sectors, Jen speaks, mentors, writes, consults and presents addressing the balance between engaging, creative interactions and the savvy that sits behind the commercial modelling and outcomes.