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Guy Gadney
Group Executive Director

As Group Executive Director, Guy brings to The Project Factory a deep understanding of how to build a stable, innovative and creative environment in order to produce the best quality projects possible.

Guy has produced numerous award-winning projects spanning a 20-year career in digital media.  He has harboured a passion for interactive story-telling that influences all his projects.  As well as having a strong creative background, Guy has worked at the top level of commercial management for international media companies both in the UK and Australia.   His previous roles include pioneering work for Penguin Books, the BBC, the Guardian, FoxKids, FOXTEL, Telstra BigPond, and PBL Media.

Follow Guy on Twitter @ggadney

Ringbalin: River Stories wins ATOM Award: TPFAU

Ringbalin wins top award at ATOM Awards 2014



The Project Factory gives birth to an online psycho: TPFAU

Today we launched the Beta of our new interactive story, the psycho thriller The Suspect.  



Why ancient stories bring transmedia inspiration (or why books are shit).: TPFAU

"Once upon a time", began the story, and straight away we were hooked. We knew there would be a hero, a struggle, love and a spectacular ending.  We would listen to these stories at bedtime as a child, on a journey, after dinner, or as ghost stories around a campfire.  Our eyes would widen, we would gasp, laugh, shriek and cry – and the storyteller would respond by adding colour and detail to the moments we responded to.



Perth Writers Festival changing the game: TPFAU

The nature of story telling is changing rapidly.  This is being recognised by writers festivals worldwide. As part of this transformation, Guy Gadney was invited to take part in the Game Changers day at the Perth Writers Festival talking about how The Project Factory weaves stories into our projects.



Digital Project Fund now open for applications: TPFAU

This new fund aims to support the development of digital ideas for television drama and documentary series.



New fund launched to grow digital activities for television and movie productions: TPFAU



The Project Factory acquires Envelop Entertainment: TPFAU

The Project Factory acquires Envelop Entertainment



MyQuitBuddy wins gold at the ADMAs for effectiveness: TPFAU

MyQuitBuddy goes beyond a marketing campaign mobile app and into an ongoing interactive program to help smokers quit.