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Three of Australia’s leading experts have been set the challenge: take eight people from Australia's unhappiest area and give them the tools to become happier.

Developed alongside the ABC's highly popular Making Australia Happy series, this website enables you to measure your levels of happiness, compare it to the rest of Australia and undertake activities to "Get Happy".

Using a rich map interface, regularly updated content and ground-breaking data visualisations, the hugely successful website has seen more than 10% of the TV audience register and take the test. 

The site includes exclusive online video, personality tests to define your happiness and a full program of self-awareness activities. More than 200,000 visitors came to the site in the 10 minutes after the show, and the site continues to be one of the ABC’s most popular destinations

Making Australia Happy

All around Australia, people are signing up to Get Happy. The good news is, we can influence our happiness through what we do and how we think.

Just as we train the body to keep below our "set points" for weight, we can rise above our happiness set points.

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Jennifer Wilson..........Digital Executive Producer
Annette Parry..........Digital Executive Producer
Annette Parry..........Digital Producer
Ben Zemcevicius..........Developer


Official Honoree, 2012 Webby Awards


Making Australia Happy is very insightful even if you’re feeling Happy; there are some great easy tips that you can do to feeling happy in yourself and most importantly sharing that happiness!!

  • Lisa

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